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  • Customers like
    • All of their games 5
    • Older style cods 4
    • Preveous games 4
  • Customers don't like
    • Connection issues 5
    • Expensive 3
    • Getting kicked all the time from the bo3 servers 3
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i enjoyed bo1 the most because it was history and i love history and bo2 wasn't that far in the future so i enjoyed that. i don't play bo3 because i miss when it was simple and in the past. i would enjoy if you make another black ops in the past again. i asked many of my friends and they enjoyed the past also and they hope if another black ops is to come out that it is in the past. i hope treyarch really does make one back then about history. i... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 26
  • #961994

Fix your matchmaking like if i quit a game 5 times in a row chances r i dont wanna fuken play that fuken game so theres no point putting me in it 20 more fuken times just find a new one fukwit

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 20
  • #958434

Honestly when i got this game i had high hopes of a great multiplayer experience but as ive played i noticed that the game quality dipped which makes me think that treyarch has just stopped caring about bo3 players i could knife someone who is inches away and it goes through their bodys, i'll get shot through solid concrete or even through the ceiling of buildings and ive just had enough.

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 08
  • #951774

I keep gettin kicked out the game for inactivity when im out there playing and its *** me off, and my connection is fine...its one my xbox one im playing public match Gun game

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 07
  • #950891

I was playing zns and while i was about to upgrade my kt4 i got stuck behind the plant that i grew under the water

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 30
  • #946127

I enjoy the games but I am alwas lagging in most of them. Mainly in Black ops 3 and I have very good internet but I can never shot anybody because of it. I hope it gets fixed because so far I am pretty much done with it due to the incedints.

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i have spent over $120 just on cod points and put a ton of hrs into gameplay and opened hundreds of rare and common supply drops and got jack *** for them, honestly if i could afford a lawyer i would sue treyarch for their greedy scam of a game they call BO3. they really better start givin away weapons and camos free or they are about to lose 99.9% of all cod/black ops players forever and no one will ever touch a game made by them again. not to... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 24
  • #942208


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Treyarch are ripping us off !!!! Iam level 202 on black ops 3 and i have not got any of the new wepons and the reason is because i dont buy cod points what a joke ! We buy the game for £50 AND THATS NOT ENOUGH its a disgrace Read more

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Call of duty 3. When i first played it on xbox 360 i loved it! But there was too many glitches, majority of missions were american, and the ai did frig all. When i heard a few days ago it was coming out for xbox one i was excited. I downloaded it straight away, the only thing that improved where graphics and i couldn't go online! I would suggest playing this game on xbox 360 or not playing the game at all. It just makes me angry and switch the... Read more

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